Shipping & Returns



Lead time may vary for large orders or under special circumstances. (Such as national holidays, etc.) Lead times are also affected by trade and world events that effect production. Allura and Associated are not responsible for any back orders or delays in production due to external events outside our control. Lead time is 2-3 weeks from time order is processed.

Delivery Fee

Delivery is based on location, as determined by Zip Code of the shipping address. Delivery to all Delaware locations is free. Delivery outside of Delaware is available within a 100-mile radius of our manufacturer location in Moorestown, NJ (0-45 miles: $200, 45-60 miles: $250, 60-100 miles: $300). Small items, such as the Touch Up Kit, are shipped via mail to any location, and have a unique shipping price in addition to the cost of cabinet shipping. We will either deliver with our company truck, or use outside carrier (such as Trucking Company and UPS). When an order is placed, Allura will confirm location and delivery fee for accuracy. Allura will refund overcharged shipping or request additional payment to cover shipping discrepancy at this point. In most cases, there will be no discrepancy.

We will  deliver with our company truck, or use outside carrier (such as Trucking Company and UPS). Final delivery fee will be determined when we decide which method of shipping is the best for the order, and it will be added on the estimate sheet.  Job site Curb deliveries are available and apply same rules as residential deliveries. Someone must be there to take delivery and we will not deliver inside any house. Sales tax will be charged according to the delivery location of the product. It is the responsibility of the contractor/Customer to make sure there is a safe dry conditioned space for cabinetry at delivery. It is responsibility of customer to protect any necessary floors and walls in the delivery area. 
 Delivery to first floor only. It is responsibility of purchaser to get cabinets up to job site if applicable. If delivery is not able to be made when scheduled then you will be charged a $100 delivery fee for us to come out a second time. 

Pick Up Orders

Customers may pick up their 21st Century Cabinetry order at Allura Bath and Kitchens warehouse location at 704 Interchange Blvd. Newark DE 19711. Please indicate on your order if you intend to do so. Pick up times are Monday-Friday, 9:00am- 5:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-3 :00pm. We allow tail-gate pick-ups, as well as personal vehicles. We have a loading dock as well. No sales tax is charged when picking up order. You will be notified when orders are received in our warehouse and you will then have 2 weeks to pick up the cabinets before you will be charged storage fee. Storage fee will be charged at a flat rate of $50 per each additional week that the order remains in warehouse.

Transportation Policy

The responsibility of Allura Bath and Kitchen ceases upon delivery of product in good working order to purchaser or upon pickup of cabinets from Allura. Please inspect all product(s) at time of signing freight bill, and have transportation company note any damage incurred in transit. Price and specification are subject to change without notice.


Allura does not stock these Items and only when an order is placed are the cabinets assembled and shipped. Each order is specific and therefore we do not accept returns of cabinets. Allura will not accept any returns for any reason unless the cabinet was not the ordered cabinet. It is the customers responsibility to verify all clearances, heights, and cabinet sizes for fit and finish. Customer agrees to release Allura Bath and Kitchen and all associates of any and all liability for fit and finish.