How to Order


Simply browse through the products, choose your cabinet’s format, door style, and sizes, and add them to your cart. Follow the prompts during checkout to confirm and complete your order.

Order Checklist:

1.) Browse through the styles guide to decide which cabinet style best suits your remodeling vision. There are color samples that come in 4" x 4 1/2" chips or full door samples available for delivery so that you may coordinate cabinet colors with the rest of your project.

2.) Measure your space

  • Make a rough drawing of the room’s shape. Be sure to place any doors, windows, plumbing rough-ins, electrical outlets, and light switches.
  • Measure each wall section and record the dimensions in your drawing. Wall sections are measured from the corner of the section to any doorway or window trim, or to another corner.
  • Measure the ceiling height. The cabinets will sit 36” off the ground with a counter top, and there should be an 18” gap between the counter top and the bottom of the wall cabinet.
  • Measure each window or door opening (measurements are taken from the OUTSIDE of the trim; i.e. if a window is 32” wide with 2-1/4” trim on both sides, the window measurement would be 36-1/2”.)
  • Mark where all your appliances (including sinks) will be going in the new layout. Be sure to measure the height, width, and depth of the appliances before ordering cabinets
  • Double check your measurements
  • Place your new cabinet box sizes in your sketch and be sure that they all fit. Make sure you account for all fillers and trim measurements and order those pieces accordingly

4.) Find the specific layout of cabinets you want to order and add them to your cart. Be sure to indicate what door style and what box dimensions you need to fit your design.

5.) Find any accessories, trims, fillers, etc. you may need in addition to just the cabinets. The cabinets do not include any toe kick, crown molding, or fillers and you must specify and add to your cart what pieces you will need. It is recommended that fillers are included with all orders just in case, even if your design doesn't have them included.

6.) Review your order carefully and make certain that the materials you are ordering fit with your design plans and that all colors and styles are what you are looking for.

7.) Checkout as either a guest or create an account (we recommend creating an account if you are a contractor or plan on ordering multiple projects in the future). Fill out all required information and submit your order.

8.) You will receive a confirmation email with a receipt of your order's contents when the order is placed. Please print out this receipt so that you may make sure that you've received all contents when the order arrives. This receipt also contains important information should you need to file a warranty claim if any of the materials are damaged or incorrect. 

9.) A representative from Allura will review your order once it is received and look out for any inconsistencies or discrepancies. If there is anything out of the ordinary, you will be contacted to confirm the details before the order is processed and sent to the manufacturer.

10.) Allura will receive the cabinetry order and, after confirming all materials are correct and present, call you to schedule a delivery date. Delivery is included with all orders unless otherwise specified.