1.) Are the cabinets pre-assembled or ready to assemble?

Unless specified otherwise, all cabinets are factory assembled in the U.S.A. and packaged before being shipped. They are ready to be installed once we deliver them to you

2.) Do you have cabinet installers that I can hire for my project?

We do not provide installation services through orders on our web store. If you are interested in having Allura perform any work in addition to ordering and delivering the cabinets, you must set up an appointment to have us measure the space and provide a detailed proposal.

3.) Do these cabinets come in custom sizes?

The only modification that can be made to the standard sizes listed on the web store is cabinet depth. The depth in wall cabinets can be modified as you wish. Base cabinets that have drawers can only be modified in increments of 3” (the drawer glides only have a finite number of sizes).

4.) What is your return policy if I order the wrong cabinet?

Because Allura does not stock these materials, any product ordered cannot be returned for any reason besides it not corresponding with the original order. It is important to review your order carefully before purchasing to be sure you are ordering what you need.

5.) Can I order a sample of the cabinets before I place my main order?

Yes, sample doors are available from the website to preview before you commit to buying cabinets. Sample doors require an $18 deposit that will be refunded once the door is returned to Allura or it will be credited towards your cabinet order in the form of store credit.

6.) What is the standard height of the cabinets?

21st Century cabinets are all 34-1/2” tall without a counter top. Typical counter tops are 1 ½”, bringing the total height to 36”.

7.) Do you charge for delivery/shipping?

No, delivery is included with all orders unless otherwise specified. Orders are shipped to Allura and we will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time once the order is received.

8.) How will I know when my order will arrive?

The cabinets typically take 3 weeks to be delivered to Allura. We will notify you when they arrive at our warehouse and schedule a date of delivery to your home.

9.) What is your warranty on these cabinets?

21st Century cabinets offers a 5 year warranty free from defects for all stained cabinets and a 3 year defect warranty for all painted cabinets. On the site see Manufacturer's Warranty.

10.) Are toe kicks and crown molding included with the cabinets?

No, trim must be accounted for before finalizing your order and added to your order in addition to the cabinetry.

11.) Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

Once the order is placed through Allura and acknowledgement is signed, the order is unable to be cancelled.

12.) Who do I call if I need to replace a damaged cabinet or part?

You will need to fill out a Warranty Claim form through the web store. Fill out all pertinent information, including picture attachments, and send the form to sales@alluragroup.com.

13.) Do you offer free design consultation on my project?

We are available by phone or email if you need any assistance with your cabinet order. Any assistance with design is typically done as an in-person consultation, but we can provide limited consultation if you submit a General Inquiry form.

14.) Do you charge sales tax on your orders?

Any deliveries made outside the state of Delaware are subject to applicable sales tax.

15.) How do I submit a Warranty Claim?

Warranty claims must go through Allura and not through 21st Century. To submit a claim to Allura, fill out a Warranty Claim form under the Contact Us tab and fill out all required information, including attaching at least 2 pictures of the cabinet and the damage to the cabinet. Allura will receive the warranty claim and order the necessary parts from the manufacturer and have them delivered to your job.